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Vanpool Program For Transit Agencies


Public Transit By Enterprise

Commute with Enterprise partners with public agencies across the country to expand the reach of their transit systems, while increasing funding and making more efficient use of available public dollars. Whether you are just starting to think about a vanpool program or have operated your own for years, Commute with Enterprise can help improve the daily commutes of people in your community.

With over 40 years of experience managing and growing commuting programs, Enterprise is committed to making your program successful.


Stretch Your Budget Further

Enterprise helps transit agencies reduce expenses, while increasing opportunities for funding from the Federal Transit Administration, through programs like 5307 and STIC. And, Enterprise provides a flexible fleet of recent-model vehicles, making the challenge of budgeting for large capital expenditures a thing of the past. A well-run vanpool program will often generate additional funding that can be reinvested in other programs, benefiting your entire transit system.

Reach Your Community

Because our commutes are customized for our riders, you’re able to reach more of your community. Commute with Enterprise complements existing transit infrastructure and can match any schedule across long distances and less densely populated areas. With more commute options, you can create job opportunities for people in your community who are not currently served by traditional transit.



Easy To Use, Easy To Start

We’ve already laid the groundwork. Our turnkey program includes ready-to-drive vehicles with titling, registration and branding. Our vehicles are backed with insurance, preventative maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance. Rider payment processing and NTD reporting are fully integrated into an online dashboard and mobile app. Plus, you’ll have sales and marketing support to help recruit riders and businesses. Combined, these make Commute with Enterprise a simple program to use and manage from day one.


Contact our Government Sales Executive for a complimentary program analysis:

Cheryl O’Connor | 248-955-8045