Monthly To-Dos

Billing & Reporting

Monthly Bills

Log into your account to view your current Commute invoice; it will be posted by the 22nd of each month. You can access the Payment Management feature to assign and email amounts due to each person in the vanpool. Watch this video for a quick how-to.

We recommend all vanpoolers set up recurring payments through the website to guarantee on-time payment. You can also use the website or the mobile app to make one-time payments.

NTD Reporting

To ensure your vanpool continues to receive transit agency funding, record trip data every day. Below are a few tips for streamlining the process:

  • Use the app to record trip details every day 
  • Use the app to log expenses, like fuel purchases, as they occur 
  • Keep your roster and route current to expedite trip recording and ensure accurate mileage calculations