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Atascadero State Hospital

Let's Ride Together

Commute with Enterprise and Atascadero State Hospital

Enterprise has partnered with Atascadero State Hospital to bring your community a better commute. 

How Does Commute With Enterprise Work?

We connect employees who live near each other and provide them with a recent-model van or SUV. Riders commute together, saving money and freeing up time to relax or catch up on work. It’s an easy way to start and end the day in a better mindset.



Commute With Us To Enjoy These Benefits

  • Significant savings - up to $6,000 per year* 
  • 50% monthly vanpool subsidy from San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
  • $100 per month for coordinators and $65 per month for drivers
  • Complete turn-key program, including maintenance, Insurance, Roadside assistance, and a guaranteed ride home 
  • Reduced your carbon footprint  
  • Month-to-month convenience 

*All stats and figures according to 2018 Enterprise reporting and 2017 AAA data.

Chat with your local Account Manager to get all the details:


Mia Ly |  818-300-7416