Twentynine Palms

Let's Ride Together

We Serve Together. Let’s Ride Together.

Enterprise has partnered with Twentynine Palms to bring your military community a better commute.

We connect 5-15 coworkers who live near each other, then provide a recent-model SUV or van they can use to drive to and from work. They can rotate drivers, allowing the others time to nap, relax or simply enjoy the ride. And with fewer solo drivers arriving on base, it’ll be quicker to get through the gate and easier to find a parking spot.

Commute With Us To Enjoy These Benefits

  • Up to $270 monthly federal transit benefit to fund all or the majority of the cost. Savings up to $6,000 a year*
  • Applicable for $400/month Transit Agency Funding
  • Recent-model SUV or van with optional amenities, like WiFi  
  • Ready to serve from the moment you arrive plus time back to use how you choose
  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Turnkey program, including maintenance, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and a guaranteed ride home 
  • Month-to-month flexibility


*All stats and figures according to 2018 Enterprise reporting and 2017 AAA data. / No Defense Department, U.S. Marine Corps, or Marine Corps Community Services endorsement implied.



All federal employees who participate in the Federal Transit Benefit program – or the Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP) – at Twentynine Palms Base are eligible to Commute with Enterprise.